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Charlotte, Joshua, Mikayla, Hailey, Ben, Alyssa, Ella, Daniel, Jonah, Ivy, Luke, Adam & Family!

We're Together On The Journey

Hello friends!

As a son of God, husband, father, minister, entrepreneur & instructor for BYU Idaho I believe in empowering all within my reach with a simple message- You are not alone! You have the ability to direct your destiny with power, God’s power. I want to show you proven ways to partner with God & connect you with a community of God’s children, who stand together striving to gather Israel & become one like Jesus Christ. -Joshua

We're Together On The Journey

*I received my B.S. in Information Systems and Technology from the University of Utah (2005) and my Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix (2006). Sealed in the SLC Temple to my high school sweetheart Charlotte (1997). Served in the California Riverside Mission (1995-97), Eagle Scout, Instructor of WordPress Practicum & Social Media Marketing For BYU-Idaho. I live in Jackson County in beautiful Buckner Missouri.

#ALLInOne #OneLikeHim #GatherIsrael 

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